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According to Skanda Purana it is believed the temple is made by the Rishi Markandeya in Dwapara Yuga. Ounts  as  peaceful atmosphere of Ananthagiri hills Markandeya Rishi came here for yoga sadhana . Every day Markandeya used to go to Kasi from Ananthagiri to take a holy bath in the Ganges through a cave due to his yoga sadhana. Offers discounted Price on Ananthagiri Hotels one can easily book & Stay  in One star Hotel in Ananthagiri.

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About Ananthagiri : Ananthagiri Hotels

In this one twentieth century everyone is literally thinking, breathing of money. Today’s people are running throughout the days and years. But one should pause for one moment otherwise in panting his long run is paused due to lose of energy. Come out for some days from your heinous busy life and soak in nature. Go to lap of south in India, Go to the Ananthagiri which is hill station as well as dense forest. This district which is a part of the State of Andhra Pradesh is one of the premium hubs preserving Flora and Fauna. It is one of the latest hubs of wild life habitat. If you want to avoid for some days the din, bustle and commotion of city life, make the destination your top choice, if you want to take the taste of prominent nature also recommend to make this destination your top choice. Geographically it is located 90 K.M. far away from Hydrabad and from Vikarabad it is just 6 K.M. far away. The hills of here are covered by the lush and lush green which gift you mind blowing landscape scenery. Staying here, experience One star hotel in Ananthagiri and also experience the culture and hospitality of Ananthagiri. Experience the antiquity of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and the fine arts of Araku Tribal Museum which depicts the tradition, culture and many more relevant about Ananthagiri. Other must see sites of Ananthagiri are Padmapuram Gardens, Musi River, Katiki Waterfalls, Tyda Park, Tyda Park, Dolphin's Nose, The Borra Hills and Caves and etc.

Ananthagiri is not filled by so many see sites, but it is filled by the latest see sites. Ananthagiri draws tourist mostly for serene and tranquil nature which soothes your mind and mental highly serene that you are bound to be free from worries, cares and stress. From the very close to cherishing nature it is one of the best paces in India. Staying here only the best hotel and resort is Ananthagiri. It is also the best One star  Hotel in Ananthagiri. Book here your hotel room in One star hotel in Ananthagiri. Ananthagiri is how much serene is as much exciting and adventuring. It offers you a lot of adventuring activities liked trekking, rock climbing, camping and more on. Mainly the hill station has two trekking trails in the forest and among them one resumes from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and from the 0.5 K.M far away from the temple another which resumes goes to Kerelli. For camping in the destination there Decan Trails, Tyda Park. Tyda parks offers you target shooting with bows and arrows with other adventuring activities. Here camping with numerous wild mammals and avifauna is very pleasing experience. For bird watching that is one of the best places. To experience Burma bridge, Spider’s Web and Tarzan swing, camper can’t but be extreme gay. Living 10 feet high tree top cottage experience Padmapuram Gardens in the mid of Araku.

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