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About Satara : Satara Hotels

Satara district in Maharashtra boasts of a rich history that dates back to almost 200 BCE. The oldest known place in the district is Karad where the mighty Pandavas were supposed to have stayed during their time of exile. Historical records show that this area was originally the seat of Rashtrakuta Empire where King Manank built his capital at modern day Maan. It later on came under the Chalukyas and the Mauryan Empire during 451 A.D.-455 A.D. followed by Satavahans during 750 A.D. People visiting the district can stay at the cheap hotels in Satara and visit various constructions, temples, and other evidences of the ancient rule during their sojourn.

After the Muslim invasion of Deccan during 1296, Satara remained a part of their empire until Chhatrapati Shivaji won the fort here, Ajinkyatara in 1663 after the end of Nizam Shahi rule. After his death however, Mogul emperor Aurangzeb took possession of this region albeit for a short time when Parshuram Pratinidhi during 1706. Chhtrapati Shahu, Chhtrapati Shivaji’s son became the ruler and his descendants remain in the region today. While the city was a crucial seat of the Maratha Empire, the modern day administrative evolution of this region occurred during the British rule.

When you are living at a hospitality establishment here such as one of the cheap Hotels in Satara you're bound to come across one of the many historical structures dotting the city. Some of these date back to the time of the British Raj, which started after their 1818 victory in Anglo-Maratha War. While the victors annexed most of the erstwhile Maratha territory, they left Satara principality to Pratap Singh as the titular head. However, things changed when one of the reigning princes died without leaving an heir and thus this part of Maharastra became part of Bombay Presidency.

With the independence struggle of India gaining momentum during the 1930s and 40s, this region of Maharashtra also became part of the movement. Under the leadership of Nana Patil, the people here ultimately ousted the British government and established an independent rule. As you can see with such an enriching and interesting history that dates back right to the ancient era, it is one of the must visit places in all regards. Finding an ideal place to stay is going to be the last of your problems because cheap hotels in Satara is just one of the options.

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