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Vidisha is one the famous city in Madhya Pradesh .There are many types of Hotels in Vidisha which are available for online booking. You can choose 3 Star Hotels in Vidisha and book best hotels at a reasonable rates with . You can view all these amazing places at Vidisha by staying there in some good hotels comfortably Vidisha , You can book 3 Star Hotels in Vidisha well in advance and live comfortably during your holidays in season time at discounted Price.

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About Vidisha : Vidisha Hotels

Vidisha is one of the ancient regions located at the central state of Madhya Pradesh. It is on the Vindyachal Plateau with three main rivers of Betwa, Bina and Sindh. The area can be divided into five physical features; the Bina Valley, the Betwa Valley, the Eastern and Western Ranges and the Sindh Valley. The climate is characterized by hot summers, pleasant winters and mild to low rains at the monsoons. Vidisha is known for its rich architecture and craftsmanship as it has been under the rule of several dynasties, like the Mauryas, Guptas, Nagas, Kalchuris, Sungas and Satvahanas. Vidisha used to be an important trade center and also the prosperous capital city of the Sugana dynasty. It is very easy to reach Vidisha; via the Vidisha railway station which connects the district with major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. There is regular bus service available from Vidisha to other parts of the state. The Three Star Hotels in Vidisha facilitate a luxurious stay at Vidisha at affordable rates.

Besangar is an historical city of the district. It flourished during the Gupta Age and is known for the Udaygiri Caves. These rock cut caves clearly reflect the influence of Buddhism, Jainism and Brahamanism. It is known from the inscriptions that these caves were built during the reign of Chandragupta II. The sculptures and inscriptions of the caves are of immense historical significance. The world known Sanchi Stupas are located 10 kms from Vidisha. These hemispherical domes are holy spots for Buddhists. The central chamber of these domes treasures the relics of Lord Buddha while the pillars depicts various scenes from the earlier life of Lord Buddha and are known as Bodishattavas. The Heliodorus Pillar or the Khamba Baba is a pillar constructed by the Greek ambassador of Indo-Greek emperor, Antialcidas. This pillar was built around 140 BC and was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The inscriptions carved on the pillar provide information about the relation that existed between the Greeks and therulers of Punjab.

The Bijamandal is an ancient Hindu temple erected during the 11th century. The inscriptions of the temple suggest that this Hindu shrine was built for the worship of goddess Charchika. The temple was destroyed in the 16th century and Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb built the Alamgir mosque at the same site with the materials of the ruined temple.The Lohangi Pir is a small tomb built over a prominent rock piece and is built in honour of Seikh Jalal Chisti. There are two Persian inscriptions found here which dates back to the reign of Mahmud, the Sultan of Malwa and Mughal Emperor, Akbar. The Three Star Hotels in Vidisha are located in the midst of a calm and quiet environment. These hotels offer you extra facilities of boating and swimming. The food available at the adjoining restaurant is delicious and you may also enjoy the same at the comfort of your room. The hotel staff is hospitable and provides you with room service.

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