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Amarkantak is one the famous city in Madhya Pradesh .There are many types of Hotels in Amarkantak which are available for online booking. You can choose 5 Star Hotels in Amarkantak and book best hotels at a reasonable rates with Indiahotelsroom.com . You can view all these amazing places at Amarkantak by staying there in some good hotels comfortably Amarkantak , You can book 5 Star Hotels in Amarkantak well in advance and live comfortably during your holidays in season time at discounted Price.

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About Amarkantak : Amarkantak Hotels

We love our holidays; holidays provide us the wings to fly with freedom; then why not spend the holidays in the peace valley. Amarkantak can be easily referred to as the peaceful destination. It is referred to as the abode of Gods and hence is one of the most pleasant places on earth. Amarkantak is located at a height of 1650 meters between the mountain ranges of Vindyachal and Satpura. Surrounded by dense forests of expensive trees like Mahua and Teak, these forests are also rich in species of medicinal plants, hence attracting huge number of botanists besides casual tourists to this place. The surrounding tribal villages help to witness a completely unique way of living. Thus, Amarkantak is an apt destination from nature lovers to pilgrims, botanists to casual tourists.

Amarkantak is the source of River Narmada and Son and Narmada Udgam is considered to be the holiest site of this place Narmada is a wonderful scenic beauty. Besides this, you may also check out the Dudh Dhara falls. You may visit the temples of Kalachuri which were built in the 8th AD. These temples are the examples of excellent architectural efficiency and skill of incredible India. The temple complex situated beside the Narmada temple consists of 12 such ancient temples. Ma Ki Bagiya is a beautiful garden where it is believed that Narmada used to play and pluck flowers. If you are a adventure lover, Bhrigu Kamandal is a must visit for you. Situated within dense forest area, you have to reach this place by trekking. This place consists of a small cave and a rock where if you insert your hand you can get water.

Thus, it is of no doubt that Amarkantak is a nice place to visit. But the most tensed part of any tour is accommodation. A tour with homely ambiance is our expectation. If you are looking forward to such a luxurious stay, get to know and book any of the 5 star hotels in Amarkantak via our website, www.indiahotelsroom.com. There are lots of Five star hotels in Amarkantak like Hotel Ashish Palace & Sai Valley Resort. These hotels not only provide you with the common ambiance like a clean room, a hygienic living but also something extra. You get to stay in tents instead of normal rooms. You get great room service and get have your four times food at your room if you do not prefer to have it at the common dining room.

The food at these hotels is prepared by well known chefs and hence the food is both customized to your preference and also delicious and hygienic. You need not think about the touring plans when you choose at 5 star hotels in Amarkantak not avaiable  but we have choice for you Hotel Ashish Palace & Sai Valley Resort. They have special tour packages arranged for you, be it a jungle safari or the visit to the sacred sites. There are play courts, swimming pools and special arrangements for entertaining the kids. The lush green garden in front of the  Amarkantak Hotels like Hotel Ashish Palace & Sai Valley Resort is a great area to stroll around. As it is a popular tourist destination, thus do not forget to book your hotel at www.indiahotelsroom.com before visiting Amarkantak.

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