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About Bandhavgarh : Bandhavgarh Hotels

Madhya Pradesh is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Bandhavgarh is one of the attractive destinations of this state, located at the Umaria district. It is located at the Vindyachal mountain ranges and is divided into three zones of Magdhi, Kallwah and Panpatha. The weather of the place is defined into three different seasons of summers, winters and monsoons. The nearest cities to this place are Indore and Jabalpur and hence the airports of these two cities serve as the airports for Bandhavgarh. The place is also well connected via railways and roadways. The Five star hotels in Bandhavgarh, like the Welcom Heritage Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge and other Bandhavgarh Hotels arrange for your pick and drop from and to the airport or the railway station.

The Bandhavgarh National Park is the most densely populated region for tigers in India. The Royal Bengal tigers and the white tigers are the best attraction of the national park. The other rare animals of the forest include the leopards and the sloth bears. The other wildlife includes jackals, bison and others. The drier parts of the jungle are the area for the nilgais and the chinkaras. The Rajbahera site is the inhibition for the vultures, storks, chitals, sambers and the wild pigs. The Mahaman pond is the drinking area for the wildlife and is a popular spot for viewing carnivores and the herbivores. The Indian pythons and the varnus are the reptiles found at this forest. The 5 star hotels in Bandhavgarh, like the Maharaja s Royal Retreat are located near this national park.

The biodiversity of the Bandhavgarh national park includes various types of trees. The Sal trees and the lush meadows are nice places to linger some while. The Pendanus point is visited to checkout the aromatic pendanus trees and the Bhitahi Bah area is known for the medicinal plants. The area around the mahua flower plants is a favorite destination for the bears as they love the nectar of these flowers. The Panpatha sanctuary is another popular tourist destination besides then National Park. The various kinds of birds found here are the green pigeons, colorful Malabar hornbills, eagles, leaf birds and others. The Gharpuri Dam is also a nice bird watching region. You can tour the forest by three types of safaris; you can enter the forests with your vehicle, the forest vehicles and the elephant rides.

If you wish to take back home any souvenir, visit the WWF natural shop, where you will get ‘save tiger’ t-shirts and stuffed tiger photographs. The 5 star hotels in Bandhavgarh mostly arrange for the safari packages and tour guides for an organized tour. The quality of accommodation is uncompromised at these hotels. The features of these hotels include stay in cottages instead of normal hotel rooms. The stay at high roofed, terracotta tiled cottages within a jungle like environment is a mesmerizing experience. The food of these deluxe hotels of Bandhavgarh is delicious; they include multi cuisines and also food made of home made ingredients. For Bandhavgarh Hotels Call to Expert  to check and book your accommodation online.

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