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Bandhav Vilas Bandhavgarh

Bandhav_Vilas location Village Kuchwahi


Whispering Grass Bandhavgarh

Whispering_Grass location Village Kuchwahi



Bagh Tola Bandhavgarh

Bagh_Tola location Village Parasi

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About Bandhavgarh : Bandhavgarh Hotels

The natural view is always the most relaxing view to us; Bandhavgarh is not an exception. Known for its scenic beauty and rich wildlife, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Madhya Pradesh. Located at the Vindhya hills of central India, Bandhavgarh is mainly known for its National Park. You can visit the city throughout the year; the climate is clearly divided into the four seasons and has a North India monsoon climate. The place can be easily reached via railways and the roadways and the nearest cities are the Jabalpur and the Khajuraho. The airports located at these two cities are the nearest airports. There are lots of Bandhavgarh Hotels to facilitate a wonderful stay for your vacation.


The Bandhavgarh National Park is especially known for the tigers. The park used to serve as the hunting place for the Rajas of Rewa. It is believed that this park has the highest density of tigers in the world. Tiger conversation is greatly encouraged in this park. Besides tigers, the other wildlife to be found consists of the Indian bisons, bears, jackals, wild pigs, chinkaras, nilgais and others. These animals are located all over the park, as per their preference, like most of the nilgais and the chital deers are found in the drier parts of the forest. The Mahaman pond is the drinking place for all the carnivores and the herbivores and you can check out all these animals here. There are lots of hotels in Bandhavgarh, like the Hotel Narmada Palace  located near this park to facilitate you a comfortable visit to the sanctuary.

There are about 250 species of birds in this forest. The Panpatha sanctuary and the Gharpuri Dam are also great areas to view birds in Bandhavgarh. Some of the birds found here are the green pigeons, colorful Malabar horn bills, eagles, leaf birds and others. The list of reptiles includes the famous Indian Python and the varanus. The flora and fauna of the forest enhances the beauty of the forest. The fragnant Pendanus at the Pendanus point or the lush green meadows and the Sal tress, it is a nice area to linger and rejuvenate your senses. The Bhitahi Bah region is known for the collection of medicinal plans. You can avail three kinds of safaris here; one is your private car, the next being the cars of the forest department and the last and the most interesting one, is the elephant ride of the complete forest.

You can get both luxury and budget hotels in Bandhavgarh, like the Nature Heritage Resort and the Mogli Jungle Resort. These hotels provide you with all basic modern amenities and food. These hotels make you feel to be in the jungle and also provide you with internet facilities, option to enjoy your favorite food and as well as with libraries and swimming pools. You can take the hotel service of pick up and drop to the airport or the railway station. Thus, if you wish to enjoy the roar of the tiger along with the tweets of birds pack your bags and head for Bandhavgarh in your coming vacation. But it is an important tourist spot and hence you must book your accommodation online at to avoid any hassle.

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