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About Burhanpur : Burhanpur Hotels

Our lives are hectic and we crave for a vacation to get some respite from our hectic life schedule. The historical sites of India are ideal for a peaceful vacation. Burhanpur is ancient city of India. It has been mentioned in Skannd Puran by the name of Brahttpur. The city has been under the rule of the Mughals, Holkars, Scindias and Marathas. It is located at the south western part of Madhya Pradesh near Bhopal. River Tapti is the holy river of the city. It experiences a dry climate with three distinct seasons of summer, winter and rains. The Five star hotels in Burhanpur, facilitate a luxurious living for you at Burhanpur.

Burhanpur used to be the city of Emperor Shah Jahan and his favorite wife, Mumtaj Mahal. The best architectural structure of the city is the Badshahi Qila. The Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e-aam are the two forts of the palace with lush green, well maintained meadows. The Zenana Hammam is the royal bath house of the palace and is considered to be an early sketch of Taj Mahal. It is an epitome of exquisite beauty, blended with Mughal and Persian architectural styles, adorned with beautiful frescoes at ceiling. The Bilquis Begum’s tomb is a specimen of rare architecture, shaped in the form of a melon; it is known as the Kharbooji Gumbad.

The most famous mosque of the city is the Jama Masjid. It is a beautiful holy structure with carved pillars and Mihrab. The Dargah-E-Hakimi is the pilgrimage of the Dawoodi Muslims as it is a mauz of the Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin. The Biwi ka Masjid, the Tana Gujri Masjid is the other popular mosques of the city. The temples of the city are mostly located at the banks of River Tapti. The most important temple of the city is the Tapti temple. Visit the Raja Ka Chattri, built by Aurangzeb at the burial ground of his most faithful general, Jai Singh of Amber. The Five star Hotels in Burhanpur are located at walking distance from these hotspots. Visit the hunting lodge of Shah Jahan, known by the name of Ahukhana; it was the first burial ground for Mumtaj Mahal.

You may buy the colorful bangles of Burhanpur as the souvenirs. The city is known for its textile industry and has the largest powerful loom of the state. Madhya Pradesh is known for its Maheshwari and Chanderi dress materials and you can buy these colorful saris from this city as well. The Five star hotels in Burhanpur are known for their awesome location in midst of nature. The ambience is excellent, consisting of all modern amenities like sofas, television, air conditioners and facilities of hot water. There is even facility of ATM at the ground floor of the hotel. The food is fresh and home made. The rooms are tidy and washrooms are sanitary.

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