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About Burhanpur : Burhanpur Hotels

Burhanpur is one of the ancient cities of Madhya Pradesh. It has been mentioned in the Skannd Puran. The city has been named after the Sufi saint Shaikh Burhanuddin Garib  and earlier was known as the Brahttpur. It is located at the southwestern parts of the state. Located on the banks of River Tapti, it is not only just a tourist destination but also a business spot. It is known for its textile industry and also for the largest power loom in the state. The nearest city to this place is the city of Bhopal. The city experiences a dry climate. The Cheap Hotels in Burhanpur, assist you to enjoy a safe and comfortable stay at affordable rates.

The city is known for its varied architectural structures. You can begin your journey with a visit to the Zenana Hammam. It is the luxury bath house which is known as the early sketch of Taj Mahal. It is kknown for the beautiful frescoes at the ceilings and an amalgamation of Persian and Mughal architectural style. The bath house is located within the Badshahi Qila. This monument is also known for other two structures, the Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e-aam; these are the two forts well maintained and known for their beautiful gardens. This is an abode for an evening walk. The Bilquis Begum’s tomb is a melon shaped monument and is known by the name of ‘kharbooji gumbad.’

 Burhanpur is known for its mosques. Jama Masjid is the most popular mosque of the city, known for the carved pillars and the sculptured Mihrab. The other famous mosques include the Tana Gujri Masjid, Biwi ka Masjid. The two famous mausoleums of the city are that of the Farooqui kings, Aadil Shah and Nadir Shah. The Dargah-E-Hakimi is the most well kept monument of the city and a popular pilgrimage of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslims. Besides mosques, the temples of the city are unique as well. Most of them had been built by the dominant queen of the Holkar dynasty, Rani Ahalya Bai and are located on the banks of the River Tapti. The most famous is the temple devoted to River Tapti.

If you are looking for an excursion spot at Burhanpur, then Mahal Gulara is a nice spot. It is believed that Prince Shah Jahan fell in love with a beautiful singer, Gulara and used to listen to her songs at this palace. Visit the Gateway of Deccan, one of the strongest forts of the city, the Asirgarh Fort. The Cheap hotels in Burhanpur, provide a golden opportunity to the students, archaeologists and tourists to enjoy a tour to one of the historical cities of India at affordable rates. These hotels are located throughout the city, near the bus stop, , near the railway station. The food is good at these hotels, much like home cooked dishes. The rooms are cleaned regularly and the washroom is sanitary. You can enjoy food under open ceiling system, in a romantic and enjoyable style. Thus, enjoy a nice tour of this historical city safely and at affordable rates.

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