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Patnitop is a hub of activity. While in Patnitop you can easily really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places close to the Patnitop. Whenever you choose to take a rest in Patnitop there are lots of items to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in your community you are in Patnitop. There are numerous ways you can reach Patnitop. Patnitop is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you're visiting Patnitop next, you are able to come here for a family group holiday, end of the week and general vacation tour. Take a rest from the activities of daily life and check out Patnitop. A vacation here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

List of Patnitop Hotels


Hotel Green Top Patnitop

Hotel_Green_Top location Padora Enclave

Hotel Greentop greets guests to delight in the beautiful views of pine wood forests as well as conventional Dogri cordial reception. The generally experience at the Hotel Greentop is enhanced by the amazing location and relaxing environments. This Ho...


Vardaan Resort Patnitop

Vardaan_Resort location Padora Enclave

Vardaan Resort is an accommodation choice that is situated just two-and-a-half km away from the Patnitop Bus Stop. Karla Temple, Naag Mandir & Natha Top are some of the famous places of visitor interest that lie within short way away from the hotel. ...


Forest View Hotel Patnitop

Forest_View_Hotel location Near Nag Mandir

Hotel Forest View Patnitop is located amidst the magnificent view of natural panorama and rich greenery. Rooms are kept perfectly clean and have access to various services for offering a wonderful stay to the visitors. Tourists can also take a walk i...


Holiday Inn Hotel Patnitop

Holiday_Inn_Hotel location Padora Enclave

Holiday Inn Hotel Patnitop meets visitors to please in the gorgeous views of pine wood forests as very well just as conventional Dogri cordial reception. The generally experience at the Holiday Inn Hotel is enhanced by the amazing location and relaxi...


Hotel Subash Palace Patnitop

Hotel_Subash_Palace location Near Taxi Stand

Hotel Subash Palace Patnitop is a quiet place for relaxing with a energizing environment, inviting rooms, culinary delights and latest facilities. A central location, homely ambience and personalised services enrich visitors with a vacation experienc...


Hotel Patnitop Heights Patnitop

Hotel_Patnitop_Heights location Near Nag Temple

Hotel Patnitop Heights Patnitop located on the beautiful Himalayan mountain range, is encompassed with green landscape and wooden forests. This establishment delights its guests with a comfortable accommodation, peaceful ambiance, host of amenities, ...


Hotel Jai Shree Patnitop

Hotel_Jai_Shree location Padora Enclave

Lying on the Shivalik Mountains, enclosed by pure deodar woodlands, with towering snow crowned Mountains, overlooking lies Hotel Jai Shree. It is located at Padoura Enclave, only 1.5 km from National Highway and a minutes that are few from Nag Temple...


Hotel Samson Patnitop

Hotel_Samson location Near Nag Temple

Hotel Samson Patnitop helps one to rejoin with nature. This hill resort blessed with the greenery that is lush complete vegetation and an awesome scenic beauty enchants people on a quest for peace and delight. Advanced facilities, well-designed rooms...


Hotel Himalaya View Patnitop

Hotel_Himalaya_View location Near Nag Temple

Hotel Himalaya View Patnitop is situated in gorgeous Patnitop. The place increases the guest a comforting and some sort of peaceful accommodation. One can take pleasure in at this hill station and also cherishning view that is scenic hours hors. The ...


Hotel Dogra Residency Patnitop

Hotel_Dogra_Residency location Kasal Morh

Hotel Dogra Residency is perfectly located during the calm city of Patnitop. This type of hotel offers well-furnished and in addition spacious rooms. Onsite parking facility, in-house restaurant and seminar room are offered for the capability of busi...


New Broadway Hotel Patnitop

New_Broadway_Hotel location Near Nag Temple

Hotel New Broadway is found in the town of Patnitop. It really is at an accessible distance through the Jammu Airport, Udhampur Railway Station and Patnitop Bus Station.


Sushant Hotel Patnitop

Sushant_Hotel location Near Nag Temple

Hotel Sushant Patnitop, is nice budget Hotel which will be situated National Highway Road Patnitop. Hotel Sushant Patnitop is well maintained budget hotel which offer stay for travellers who is hunting for neat and clean stay at pocket friendly room ...


Hotel Mount Shivalik Patnitop

Hotel_Mount_Shivalik location opp taxi stand

Hotel Mount Shivalik, Patnitop, is a distinctive combo of peasant elegance and present-day style of living. Wonderfully located among tall mountain ranges as well as green meadows, this hotel offers an inviting atmosphere with a selection of modern f...


Hotel Jai Skahan Patnitop

Hotel_Jai_Skahan location National Highway,

Hotel Jai Skahan Patnitop is a 4 floored building which overlooks big and enticing hills. Customers are treated with customize made providers and personalized attention for a satiable stay. It has experience in welcome from past 20 years and is augme...


Asia the Oasis Resort Patnitop

Asia_the_Oasis_Resort location Panchot Jammu Srinagar highway Patnitop

Asia the Oasis Resort, Patnitop, is a perfect destination to spend vacation time. A wonderful location may be the major selling point of this resort aside from its pleasant hospitality and premium quality services. Comfy rooms, a variety of dining ch...


Hotel Aroma Top Patnitop

Hotel_Aroma_Top location Kasal Morh, Jammu & Kashmir National Highway, Patnitop

Enjoy a divine experiences and your investment stress with Hotel Aroma Top, Patnitop. Providing a warm welcome and excellent service, it redefines luxury and it is the abode of comfort. Perfect for nature lovers, it includes amazing views of Natha To...


Hotel Hollywood Patnitop

Hotel_Hollywood location Kassal Enclave, Kassal Morh, Patnitop

Hotel Hollywood Patnitop, is an abandoned budget location for relaxing using a energizing environment, inviting rooms, team cooking arts pleasures and modern services. A unique central location, homely ambience in addition to customised services enri...


Maharaja Resorts Patnitop

Maharaja_Resorts location Padora Enclave

Maharaja Resorts known hill resort is preched on an attractive plateau, at an altitude of 2024 meter. Covered by thickly wooded "Deodar forests". Patnitop offers beautiful picnic spots, quiet walks and breathtaking views of this mountainscape associa...


Hotel Patnitop & Bar Patnitop

Hotel_Patnitop_and_Bar location Main Crossing NH-1A Patnitop

Hotel Patnitop welcomes visitors to delight in the gorgeous views of pine wood forests as well as conventional Dogri cordial reception. The generally experience at the Hotel Patnitop is enhanced by the location that is amazing relaxing environments. ...

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About Patnitop : Patnitop Hotels

An attractive ,picturesque Hill Resort 110 km from Jammu,80 Km from Katra.185 Km from Srinagar / kashmir. Resort is in the middle of Deodar Forest located at an elevation of 2010m from sea level. During the summer no fan/AC is needed however in winter area is covered by thick blanket of snow thus offering facility for sking.

A comparatively lesser known tourist destination, Patnitop is an attractive destination with all its natural beauty and soothing serenity. A fantastic getaway, Patnitop is among the best places in India where you are able to spend a couple of days to relax and rejuvenate. Patnitop is a pleasant meadow fringed by tall pines. The ultimate way to enjoy the pure beauty of Patnitop would be to take leisure stroll along some excellent trails the spot has to offer. Patnitop also has some ice-cold springs that have medicinal properties and are also hence considered holy by the locals.

Patnitop is just one of the commonly visited hill stations and holidaymaker destinations of Jammu and Kashmir. Patnitop lies on a plateau at a height of 2024 meters over the sea level. During winters Patnitop is complete snow covered. There are lots of picnic spots in Patnitop, as pine forests on all sides surround it. This area is ideal for nature walks. Tours and journey to Patnitop usually involves lots of picnicking.

Activities that tourists enjoy range from skiing to golfing. There are several options for people that have a more adventurous spirit and paragliding is one of popular. There are three fresh water springs at Patnitop which is thought that the waters here are medicinal. You can find facilities for anyone thinking about pony rides and camping activities.

Patnitop is a great region that functions as a base for tourist who trek to the nearby mountains. Unique skiing courses are conducted at Patnitop for visitors. Most tour packages offer tourists amateur ski courses, such as equipment and facilities for skiing and other outdoor activities.Patnitop include a trip to Sudh Mahadev. It really is one of the sacred Hindu pilgrimages. The walk to Shiva Garh is also an exciting activity.

Thus journey to Patnitop could be a beautiful experience any particular one will never forget. Book Hotels in patnitop at disconted price..

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