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Raisen is one the famous city in Madhya Pradesh .There are many types of Hotels in Raisen which are available for online booking. You can choose Cheap Hotels in Raisen and book best hotels at a reasonable rates with . You can view all these amazing places at Raisen by staying there in some good hotels comfortably Raisen , You can book Cheap Hotels in Raisen well in advance and live comfortably during your holidays in season time at discounted Price.

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About Raisen : Raisen Hotels

Enjoy these holidays at the cool and calm place of Raisen. This area used to be a princely state before Independence of the country.It was under the rule of the Rajputs till the 15th century. Then it underwent the rule of Sher Shah Suri and the Nawabs. The name Raisen is the corrupted form of the names, Rajvasini and Rajsayan, which means royal residence. It ismainly dependent on agriculture and whaet, pulses and soya beans are the main crops cultivated. The region of Raisen is located at the foot of a hill and is in close proximity to the state capital of Bhopal. The Cheap Hotels in Raisen facilitate a comfortable and safe stay at the city.

The Raisen Fort is located at the top of a hill and is regarded as a heritage. This massive structure consists of several buildings within it, which include school, mazaars, mosques and temples. These spiritual structures are all built on a single platform and hence the Raisen Fort is one of the perfect examples of national integrity. The water management system of the fort is also well known and there are almost 40 wells and a reservoir here. The caves of the fort consists of several ancient paintings as well. The building or house of Nidhi Soni is also a popular tourist destination due to the numerous doors of the building.

The sacred shrine of Hazrat Peer Fatehullah Shah Baba is visited by huge number of devotees throughout the year. There is a saying that if your offer your prayers to God via the Peer, they will surely get fulfilled. Visit the nearby village of Sanchi to check out the four gateways or torans constructed by Emperor Ashoka. These gateways are dedicated to Lord Buddha and the carvings which adorn the walls of the gateways depict the story of the previous lives of Lord Buddha; and are known as the Jataka tales.

The rock shelters of Bhimbetka are also located near Raisen. These rock shelters are almost seven hundred in number and consist of age old paintings. These paintings date back to the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Monolithic age and are intact till date. The colours are intact due to the chemical reaction formed by the colours which were originally the extracts of the plants. As the site is located in the midst of dense forest, you have to travel to and fro from Raisen to visit this place.

The Cheap Hotels in Raisenprovide you with a clean and spacious room. The bed linens are changed on a regular basis and the washroom is hygienic. Some rooms come with attached washrooms as well. There is facility of hot and cold water throughout the year. If you do not want to spend much on food, you can have meals at the hotel itself; the food is delicious and hygienic. The staff is hospitable and will guide you about the routes. Raisen is a busy city and room availability is always a concern. If you want to get the best accommodation at the best deal, book your stay prior to your visit.

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