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About Sanchi : Sanchi Hotels

If you are seeking a touch of peace and serenity, the small village of Sanchi is your destination. It is located at the Raisen district of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The name of the village has been derived from the word Sanch, which in the Pali and Sanskrit language means ‘measure’ and in Hindi, means ‘mould of stones’. The village is in close proximity to the state capital of Bhopal. You can reach Bhopal and from there, you can avail the regular bus service from Bhopal to Ashta. Sanchi has also a railway station and the Vidisha railway station lies near to it. The Cheap Hotels in Sanchi are located near the bus stand and railway station to provide an easy and quick accommodation to the tired travellers.

The village of Sanchi is famous as a Buddhist pilgrimage. Emperor Ashoka constructed the Sanchi Stupa after he adopted Buddhism. This Stupa is termed as the Stupa 1 and is the oldest stone architecture of India. This stupa is extremely well decorated with cravings and inscriptions, depicting the history of that period. This stupa had been built over the relics of Lord Buddha and the Chatra built over the Stupa serves as the umbrella. The four gateways or Torans that surround this Stupa are carved with tales from the earlier lives of Lord Buddha and are known as the Jataka tales.

The 2nd Stupa was constructed beside the first one during the rule of the Suganas. This Stupa is less decorated and does not consist of any gateways. This Stupa depicts the various mythological figures that were believed to exist at that time, like that of human figures with fish tails; human figures with elephant heads, birds with human heads and various kinds of spirits, known as Yakshas and Yakshis and snakes. The 3rd Stupa consist of two boxes by the name of Sariputra and Mandgalyana. The first box consists of two fragments of a bone and crystals, pearls, sandalwood and other stones. The second box consists of a single piece of bone.

The famous Gupta temple is also located at Sanchi. This beautiful temple is considered to be the best example of Gupta architecture. The Ashoka Pillar is an amazing piece of architecture. It is carved out of a single piece of stone. There are several precious inscriptions on the pillar. The Great Bowl is a large bowl carved out from a single piece of colossal stone block. This bowl was used to store and serve food to the monks. The modern Buddhist monastery is the best place to witness the life style of the Buddhist monks.

The Cheap Hotels in Sanchi provide you with a comfortable and secure stay at the Buddhist pilgrimage. These hotels provide you with a clean and spacious room a sanitary bathroom and hot and cold water is available throughout the year. The food seems to be home cooked and consists of local delicacies. On a trip to India, a tour to Sanchi should not be missed.

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