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About Sanchi : Sanchi Hotels

Sanchi is one of those tourist spots of India, where the spiritual aspect of the country is enhanced. Entitled as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO,this tiny village is located at the Raisen district of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The name Sanchi means measure in Pali and Sanskrit language, while it means a mould of stoned in Hindi. The site lies in close proximity to the state capital of Bhopal. There is regular bus service from Bhopal to Astha, and you can get down at Sanchi. The railway stations of Sanchi and Vidisha are also contact points to the city. Due to immense popularity of the site, there are several Resorts in Sanchi  that provide you with a comfortable stay here.

Popularly known as the Sanchi stupas, there are three main stupas here. The first stupa was constructed by Emperor Ashoka at the 3rd century. This stupa is considered to be the oldest stone structure of the Indian sub continent. The nucleus of the stupa is made of bricks and is built over the relics of Lord Buddha. There is a Chhatra; a parasol like shade over the stupa, depicting a high rank. The stupa is surrounded by four gateways, also known as toranas. These gateways are carved with Jataka tales. These tales are related to the previous lives of Lord Buddha.

The second and third stupa are believed to be constructed during the rule of the Sungana kingdom. These stupas are less decorated and do not have any gateways. The Stupa 2 is sculpted with several mythological figures, like that of a bird with human head, human figures with elephant heads, nagas, fish tailed human figures and many others. The Stupa 3 consists of the relics of the two great disciples of Lord Buddha; Sariputra and Mogallana. The casket of Sariputra consists of two pieces of bones, pearls, crystals, sandalwood, lapaz lazulli and other semi-precious gem stones. The casket of Mogallana consists of a single piece of bone.

Visit the Gupta temple. It is the best piece of architecture of the Gupta era. This shrine is known for its proportions and logical design. The temple was built in the 5th century and adorns the intermediate later of the Sanchi hill. The Ashoka Pillar is also an amazing structure, being built from a single piece of stone. The head of the pillar is adorned with the sculpture of an animal. The Great Bowl is a massive stone bowl, which was used to store food for the monks. The Modern Buddhist Monastery consists of a large space where communal meetings are organized; the single chambers serve as the resting place for the monks.

The Resorts in Sanchi provide you with an exceptional staying experience. The rooms are air conditioned and there is sitting arrangements for the guests. South Indian, Chinse and local delicacies are available at the multi cuisine restaurant of the resort. The conference hall is well lit and apt for organizing business meets and parties. The swimming pool is cleaned on a regular basis and there are games available for both kids and adults. The resorts are located in midst of lush green meadows, creating a blissful environment. Sanchi is a busy tourist destination and hence room availability is a concern. Book your accommodation online via and ensure that you get the best accommodation for your family.

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