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Madhu_Hotel location 1-1446, Jayarama Rao Street, Srikalahasti

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Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti

Hotel is located in srikalahasri Saivite that is famous temple SriKalahasti, 38 km from Tirupati, is among the Panchabhoota Kshetras. Located on the financial institutions of lake Swarnamukhi, Sri Kalahasti Temple the most temples being ancient South India. Lord Siva is worshipped right here by means of Vayu Linga (one of the elements atmosphere). The legend says that Sri (spider), Kala (cobra) and Hasti (elephant) worshipped Lord Siva here and attained Moksha. Hence this accepted place is known as Srikalahasti. Kannappa Nayanar (a hunter that is tribal attained salvation in this place by providing his eyes to the Lord.  

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti Location

Located on Jayarama Rao Road is Madhu Hotel at Srikalahasthi. The hotel is 28km from Renigunta Airport, 3km from Sri Kalahasti Railway Station and 0.2km from Sri Kalahasti RTC Bus Depot.

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti Rooms

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti is budget Hotel Located at Bahadur Pet Srikalahasti. Hotel staff are very polite all rooms are neat and clean and Hotel has 50 rooms, of which 40 are Non Ac rooms 10 are Ac rooms all rooms has attachted bathrooms.

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti Facilities

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti offers best facilites Doctor on call, Travel Desk/Car Rental Car Parking, Laundry Service, Deposit Locker , Room Service , Television , Hot/cold water , STD/ISD/Fax at discounted price.

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti offers Early Check-in and Late Check-out on Request Basis but How Ever Hotel Has Check-in 12:00-PM and 12:00-PM For More Information about Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti Please Call To Our Reservation Team.

Madhu Hotel Srikalahasti is Placed at 1-1446, Jayarama Rao Street, Srikalahasti. Madhu Hotel has 3 Story Building and 22 decent rooms.

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About Srikalahasti

The cosmic law of cause and effect is evident even as an belch that is ensuing a result of a flavorsome lunch one had enjoyed. An apple seed sprouts into a apple tree. One can’t expect a harvest of ripe mangoes from it. “I don’t rely on Karma” - claim several as long as the going is smooth. Nature would have been dramatically chaotic if its rules were to be functional based on people’s sanction. What the law states of gravity existed even before Newton proved it. In this light, to be able to redeem His children from the garland that is unseen of which man wears from his really birth, God exhibits himself.

One particular ally that is‘Karmic and efficacious sthala is Sri kalahasti, where it's possible to break asunder the doshas of ‘Rahu & Kethu’ by devout prayer, heartful repentance and by performing the ‘Rahu Kethu Dosha Nivarana Pooja’.

  • Paschi maabhi mukham lingam
  • Sarpaakara prathishtitham
  • Sakruth darshana mathrena
  • Sarva bheeshta phala pradam

The deity Srikalashasteeswara (god of Srikalahasti) faces west and symbolizes liberation, the death of ego upon the rediscovery of the self, could be the final stage of life in the same way setting is the sun’s act that is last it vanishes over the horizon. The Lord is Sarpa Akara (by means of a serpent) with this lingam. It bestows wellness, wealth, and prosperity to the devotee that is ardent ab muscles sight of it, into the form of darshan.

Sri Kalahasti is one associated with the ancient holy places of our country. It is believed that many saints attained ‘mukti’ (salvation) as of this unique and punyakshetra that is important. The presiding diety of the punyakshetra (the place that is holy is Srikalahasteeshwara. This temple that is ancient dedicated to Lord Shiva is amongst the pancha bhoota sthalas (temples celebrating Shiva as the embodiment of this primary elements) - ‘Air’ being the element in case of Srikalahasti. The ‘lingam’ in this temple is ‘swayambhu’ (self-manifiested) and it is called ‘Sri Kalahasteeshwara Swamy’, named after three devotees - sri (spider), kala (serpant), hasti (elephant) who worshipped Shiva with unflinching devotion and attained mukthi (salvation) as of this destination.

Sthala Purana (reputation for the accepted place):
It is stated that the spider wove an internet over the lingam to protect it from sun and the rain. The elephant would get water with its trunk and give shower to the lingam and the snake would worship god also. One the snake found bilva leaves and water nearby the Lord day. Thinking that somebody had been trying to harm the Lord, The Snake surrounded god to protect. If the elephant came to worship, the snake found myself in the trunk. Not able to bear the pain the elephant dashed against the lingam killing the snake and the elephant also died during the feet associated with the lingam. Lord Shiva gave mukthi to his three devotees at this place.

The lingam that is primary in the form of an elephant trunk with tusks for each side and a figure of a spider at the bottom. It looks like a snake with hoods if you look at the linga from the top. The spider is ‘Sri’, the snake ‘Kala’ and the elephant ‘Hasti’. The 3 names combined together is the actual name Srikalahasti. As the legend goes, the spider had been Vishwakarama’s son Oornanabha, who was replicating Brahma - the work that is creator’s and annoyed Brahma cursed him to become a spider. The snake was once cursed by Shiva himself. The elephant was a Deva cursed by Parvathi as he intruded their privacy. The Shivalinga at Srikalahasti is an amalgamation of these three pets.

Srikalahasti mahathyam:
The Telugu poet Dhoorjati in his ‘Srikalahasti Mahathyam’ has many tales that are interesting depicted. Thinna is another devotee, who attained salvation through his unstinted devotion. He's none apart from Arjuna of Mahabharatha who asked Shiva for moksha and was created as Thinna the hunter, to attain the same. It is stated that Sri Kannappa (Thinna) sacrificed his eyes to the Lord and attained mukthi. Since Thinna offered his eyes to Lord Shiva, he is called ‘Kannappa’ - ‘kannu’ being the Telugu word of eye.

Legends linked to the temple:
The spider is said to have accomplished salvation in krita yuga (the initial of 4 yugas) while the serpent and elephant were devotees in treta yugam. Nakkiradevar, Indra, Muchukunda and others are thought to have worshiped Shiva at this temple. According to Tamil sources ‘Sri Kalahasti’ happens to be known as the ‘Kailasa of South’ (Dakshina Kailas). River Swarnamukhi flows just by the relative part of this hillock on the slopes of which the temple of Sri Kalahasteeshwara had been built. Shiva resurrected his duties, offered them liberation and took them into his or her own body. At the foot of a spider is seen by the linga one, two elephant tusks and five headed serpent to remind the devotee of those aspects of supreme devotion.

The presiding Goddess:
The Goddess that is presiding is Prasoonamba (‘the giver of knowledge or the mom of most knowledge’) who represents the ‘wealth’ i.e., freedom from limitation conferred by self-knowledge. On Fridays, the resplendent sight of the Divine Mother, whom is Varaprasadini (wish fulfiller) and also Gnanaprasadini (knowledge provider), when she is clad in ‘bangaru pavada’ (golden robe) permeates the heart of an ardent devotee and fully satisfies one’s tender longings to behold the Loka Matha (mother of this world) within these mortal eyes.

Other deities into the temple:
Sri Pathala Vinayaka, Sri Balambika, Sri Kali Matha outside the shrine and Lord Saneeshwara, Bezawada Kanaka Durga, Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Kala Bhairava, Lord Subrahmanya, Sri Kasi Visweshwara, Sri Ramalingeshwara and Sri Dakshinamurthy inside the shrine make it a pilgrimage that is complete.

Importance of Darshan:
The lamp inside the sanctum that is consistently flickering, inspite of the not enough air motion inside, can be seen. The flames of several ghee lights flickers, just as if blown by the atmosphere that is moving. When all the lights in the sanctum glow steadily, one can notice two lamps flickering now and then, proving the Lord’s exhalation and inhalation. Thus a visit to Sri Kalahasti is equal to visiting other holy places of great value in India as on the list of Pancha Bootha Lingams, Srikalahastheeshwara Linga is worshipped as Vayulingeshwara.

The Beauty associated with the Temple:
The reputation for Srikalahastivara temple can be traced back atleast to your 7th century A.D. as evidenced by the Tamil literature that is sacred and Tiruvacakam. The Nayanars sung its glory to their heart’s content. As the region by which the temple of Srikalahastivara formed part of the Chola kingdom, its epigraphical history begins with the look of their inscriptions from 1000-01 A.D., since not merely the cholas but also their successors belonging to various dynasties made contribution that is significant the architectural and economic growth associated with the temple.

The three lofty Gopurams regarding the temple are remarkable for their architecture. A massive hundred pillared Mantapam is another part that is important of shrine.

When one enters the temple town of Srikalahasti, what strikes immediately is the world-charm that is old still breathes, reflecting our culture in every its grandeur. Something which one cannot fail to take notice of the temple that is huge, majestically standing in the middle for the busy road filled with shops on either part and bustling with pilgrims.

The temple that is vast is a maze of intricate structures, and one is probably to loose one’s way without a guide. The temple of Srikalahasti has four major entrances each with a tower that is huge.

The Sivarathri Brahmotsavam is a 12 festival of great value that attracts lakhs of people from various places time. Maha Sivaratri, Nandi Seva, Lingodbhavam, Rathotsavam, Teppotsavam & Sri Swamy Ammavarla Kalyanotsavam are the important aspects of this festival.

Value of rituals:
The key linga is untouched by human hands, even by the priest that is chief. The sight for the navagraha kavacha adorned on the linga relieves the devotee regarding the evil effects of the nine planets. This temple is related to the planets Rahu & Kethu. In line with the legends, a pilgrimage to Sri Kalahasti on a or Tuesday will mitigate the evil effects of Rahu & Kethu saturday. ‘Rahu Kethu Dosha Nivarana Pooja’ performed through the Rahu kala relives one through the effects that are wicked.

Every day four times Abhishekams are performed to Lord Kalahasteeshwara and Goddess Gnana Prasoonamba in this Temple that is sacred as ‘Kailasa of the South’.

Abhishekam Timings:
1. Morning: 7.30 am, 9.30 am and 10.30 am;
2.: 5.30 pm evening;
3. on evening Abhishekam begins at 4.30 pm friday.

Rudrabhishekam: It is done to the Lord and the Goddess with Rudra Parayanam.
Palabhishekam: this really is another abhishekam offered to the Lord and the Goddess with milk.
Panchamritha Abhishekam: this might be an abhishekam that is important to the Lord additionally the consort.
Pachcha Karpoorabhishekam: This is just one more abhishekam that is important only to the Lord who is a self-manifest.

Rahu Kethu Sarpadosha Nivarana Puja: This is a puja that is highly efficacious in the temple reputed as ‘Rahu-Kethu Kshetra’. Those who are suffering from rahu-kethu doshas, graha doshas, sarva doshas, unmarried, childless, perform this puja to eliminate doshas which can be such get desired results. Lakhs of devotees who received result that is good performing this puja, come from different parts of our nation and abroad, and continue to fulfill their vows again and once more.
Nithya Kalyanotsavam: This is offered to Sri Shiva and Parvathi along with abhishekam to your Lord.
Unjal Seva: this really is a seva that is special to your Lord and the Goddess on every pournami (full moon) time.
Nandi Seva: This is another seva performed in this temple.

Other Poojas and Homams:
Gopuja, special Rahu-Kethu Pooja, Rudra homam, Chandi homam, Mruthanjaya Abhishekam, Mruthanjaya japam and Sahasranama Archana will be the other sevas the devotees can perform to the Lord and to the Goddess.

Nithya Annadana scheme: there clearly was no gift superior to annadanam (donating food). To give you meals to the bad and hungry is a tradition that is noble by us since the vedic times. One who performs this service that is sacred several crores of merits.
Sri Gnanaprasunambika Devi Nithyannadana scheme was arranged in Sri Srikalahastheeshwara Swami temple to give free and dishes that are hygienic the pilgrims visiting the temple. Not less than 200 pilgrims are supplied with free dishes under the scheme every day.

Annadanam is offered on the interest accrued on the endowment produced by the devotees within their name on any they prefer time. Devotees can send any amount not less than Rs. 1,116 /-. Every on every day Annadanam is performed in the name for the donor on the interest accrued on the endowment 12 months.

Those who donate a sum of Rs. 50,000/- will be honoured as Maharaja Poshakas. Those who donate Rs. 25,000/- will be honoured as Raja Poshakas. Those whom contribute Rs. 10,000/- are honoured, and for an amount lower than those mentioned above, they shall be considered as donors.

All donations may be sent to the Executive Officer, Sri Srikalahastheeshwara Swami Temple Devasthanam, Sri Kalahasti by way of D.D., drawn from any bank.

Service to Education by Devasthanam:
Sri Srikalahastheeshwara Institute of tech (referred as SKIT), came into existence under the sponsorship of Sri Srikalahastheeshwara Swamyvari Devasthanam Educational Society. Additionally operates Sri Gnanaprasunambika class of Nursing.

Sacred places in and around Sri Kalahasti:
Bharadwaja Teertham, Nandanavanam, Talakona waterfall, Sri Prasanna Vardaraja Swamy temple, Sukhabrahmsanam, Nataraja Ranghashtalam, Pancha Mukheshwaram, Kannappa Gudi, Durgamaba mountain, Kumar Swamy hill, Dakshina Kali, Neelakanteshwara Swamy temple and Ardhanarishwara temple.

How To Reach Sri Kalahasti:
Sri Kalahasti is 40 kms away from Tirupati, situated in the Tirupati-Nellore highway. APSRTC has buses plying very frequently every half an full hour from Tirupati. In addition operates a package that is special Yatra Darshini and Divya Darshini. Sri Kalahasti can also be well connected by train. Chennai is hardly two and half full hour journey by road from Sri Kalahasti.

Temple timings: The temple is open from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm.

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